Kearney Welcomes “OZ – A Meetup For Creators” – An Event That Spans Multiple Cities & States


Nebraska and our surrounding states are home to thousands of talented individuals that often go unnoticed. ‘OZ’ (inspired by ‘the Wizard of OZ’) is designed to help bring attention and awareness to these creative and high functioning people. This three-hour in-person meetup will be located at the World Theatre in Kearney, Nebraska on Saturday, November 4th, 2017 (from 2 pm to 5 pm). Registration and additional event information can be found at

“This is the first time we’ve thrown our ‘OZ’ event. We’re confident that others in the area will find this event beneficial as it’s designed to help solve problems for many businesses, like hiring & finding the right people to work with, as an example. ” said Chais Meyer, Local Pulse Owner and the Co-Founder of ‘OZ’.

What is ‘OZ’? It’s an event where business owners, financial investors, project managers, designers, marketers, photographers & videographers, salesmen, software engineers, and IT administrators have an opportunity to meet in one place, all for the purpose of networking with others that are capable of ‘getting stuff done.’  Ozians (‘OZ’ Attendees) will be interacting and exchanging contact information, with the end result being that they’ll leave the event with new partnerships, mentors, contractors, employees, and friends. The primary goal of this event is to give participants the ability to work with each other immediately, to create the best businesses and projects possible.

This event is for Midwestern professionals, 21 years of age and older. There are registration costs to attend, along with an ‘Active Student’ scholarship. The student scholarship allows participating college students (attending universities, online classes or alternative higher education schools) to attend at a discount.

“It’s amazing to see big players in the ‘internet business industry’ wanting to participate in our event! We have a project manager representing the National company Airbnb, that’s already registered. We have the founders of (based in Boulder, Co.) attending as well. These are just a few registrants that live in Colorado, and they believe that this in-person meetup concept is so worthwhile they’re willing to make the trip from another state to see who they can connect with from the Midwest…In Kearney, Nebraska none-the-less,” Chais added.

The event founders have big hopes and dreams for what ‘OZ’ will become in the years to come and how it will help to shape regional connection and communication with other creative professionals. The organizers are looking forward to helping like-minded people get to know each other in order to create great businesses and projects for our region of the United States, with individuals and organizations that are located right in our own backyard.

If you’d like to find more information about this event “OZ – A Meetup For Creators” you can do that via the event website, located at


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