OZ Sponsor: Barista’s Daily Grind

Barista’s Daily Grind is an OZ Sponsor in one of the most fun ways, where attendees are directly affected. They’re gifting coffee gift certificates to our event registrants!

That’s right, Barista’s Daily Grind is giving out $5 gift cards to our attendees, for both of their physical coffee shop locations in Kearney, Nebraska…but, only the first 75 attendee registrations will get them!

We’re thankful for events like ‘OZ,’ that help to create high quality and important things in the midwestern region of the United States. We put our heart and soul into Baristas, and we hope that our passion towards helping others have the energy needed to build great things is noticed with every cup of coffee, latte, cocoa or chai we sell!
– Jasmin (Barista’s Daily Grind Owner)

We owe businesses like Barista’s Daily Grind a huge gratitude for their assistance in making local events like OZ, even more fun for all involved! So when you pop into their shop after the event, please be sure to thank them for all they do…like, making quality coffee, for locals and beyond!!! 🙂

Get registered to claim your $5 gift card here

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