• What Is OZ?

    It's Not A Conference.

    It's A Place Where Creators Meet Others, To Build Things (Projects, Businesses, Relationships) Together.

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Who's Attending?

This is a 21+ Event. If you're mature/professional enough to attend, despite your age, feel free to request a special consideration.

The Dorothys

These individuals are on a quest, to find the right people for their current or next project.

The Lions

These individuals are the necessary leaders (visible or hidden) of any successful organization.

The Tigers

These individuals are the front end ‘doers.’ They make sure the organization’s story is relatable & enticing.

The Bears

These individuals are the backbone & unsung heroes of any organization. They are the future of commerce.

Event Sponsors

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Meetup Schedule

OZ is a three-hour event | Saturday, November 4th 2017

Part: 1
  • Registration // Mingling

    2:00 PM

    Get checked in. Get a drink or two and maybe some popcorn. Please hang out with your fellow Ozians, learning a bit more about what makes them tick and where they're from. Then find your seats in the theatre so we can get started.

  • Networking // Speed Round

    2:25 PM

    Fast-talking with the intention of hooking up...that's called speed dating, this is not that. Ready for some quick topics that will help us identify who's who, and what they know during the next 40 minutes-ish? It's fast filter time!

  • Drinks // Bathroom // Snacks

    3:15 PM

    Time for a break! You should try our 'Emerald City' cocktail or some of Kearney's very own craft brews (on tap from Thunderhead Brewing), go to the bathroom, and maybe get a snack.

Part: 2
  • Open Forum // The Color Yellow

    3:25 PM

    This open forum will be a discussion about teaming up. We’re also going to discuss The Color Yellow. It’s rather significant to our theme of this event and we’re excited to tell you why & how it may help you.

  • Info // Brainstorm // Insights

    4:10 PM

    Now that we’ve gotten to know each other, it’s time to exchange contact information...if you haven’t yet. Let the brain play begin, we're going to figure out how you work together in groups that have different perspectives.

  • Discussion // Drinks // Thoughts

    4:40 PM

    Come on back to discuss how we’re all going to move forward with our new partners and our upcoming projects. We also want to share some helpful tools that will help you flourish, together.


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